portrait Grégoire Willmann

Grégoire Servers shaman and back-end expert  🦅

Right after Télécom Saint-Etienne, I created RMOpportunities, a digital startup that aimed to reduced chemical wastes. while working on it many people started asking us for custom made web applications. Kinoba was born after we converted these opportunities into real life projects. I am serious but I never hesitate to play some music in the office to brighten cloudy days!

My skills: back-end engineer, expert, I am Kinoba's Gilfoyle

*Gilfoyle = character from the Silicon Valley series who has a great passion for servers

My totem: a plant, two plants, three plants...

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portrait Gabriel Calmels

Gabriel Mighty back-end warrior 🦌

I have graduated from the same school as Grégoire and I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship. After RMOpportunities I found that I needed to pursue what I liked the most: code. New technologies and acid humor are two of my passions. When I work on something, I like to do it thoroughly.

My skills: back-end engineer, expert

My totem: a pocket puzzle to stimulate my mind and a connected watch to be notified of everything

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portrait Ouriel Boiria-Lesaffre

Ouriel Mighty conqueror and front-end warrior 🐎

I graduated from CPE Lyon and followed an entrepreneurship training at EMLyon business school to launch my startup. While working on my project I came across Grégoire and Gabriel. Since that day we became best buddies. I am always motivated, full of energy and I love new challenges!

My skills: front-end engineer, expert , and , sales director

Mt totem: an archery kit to sharpen my accuracy and a flowered shirt for the good mood

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portrait Sharon Tordjman

Sharon War paint expert 🦝

What drove me to follow the Human Boosters training is my love not to have my eyes burnt by ugly design and UX. I like beautiful and sexy websites, aired lines of codes and harmonious colors. If you stumble upon someone on the street with a paintbrush and a canvas, no doubt it is me. Let's drink a coffee!

My skills: front-end developer and , UX and design

My totem: a paintbrush made of buffalo hair

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portrait François Loupias

François Mighty warrior on all fronts 🦊

I decided to join Kinoba's tribe after completing The Hacking Project. I have lots of personal projects and love to learn new things. I am curious and motivated and unbeatable at archery at lunchtime. No need to try.

My skills: back-end developer and

My totem: a magnifying lens to always get the bullseye

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portrait Émilie Marjollet

Émilie Backend explorer 🦉

After starting out in urban development, I found I had a knack for web development. I discovered the joys of coding thanks to The Hacking Project which eventually lead me to join Kinoba's team. I am always ready for new adventures and discover new horizons. If you go to one of our offices you might see me with a bag pack bigger than me!

My skills: back-end developer

My totem: a map of the web to help find my way even in unexplored territories

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portrait Emilie Maniglier

Émilie Front-end explorer 🦔

After several years in biology it was time for me to turn a page and open myself to something I would really enjoy. Naturally I choose web development. After several months with the O'Clock e-learning, I had the opportunity to meet Kinoba's team. I like to walk in the nature far from screens and I am always up to new challenges!

My skill: front-end developer and

My totem: a compass to make up for my lack of orientation

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portrait Mickael Thely

Mickaël Mighty warrior on all fronts 🦬

I have discovered web development while working on a project of mine. Since that day, I self taught myself to code. The Wild Code School in Lyon allowed my to take it a step further. After this training, Kinoba let me join their tribe. What I like above all in my job is to be able to transform ideas into real life working projects. If you go to Kinoba's headquarters, you will recognize me as the one moving my head in rythm with the music

My skills: fullstack developer , &

My totem: a metronome to keep typing on my keyboard

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portrait Clément Bussière

Clément Mighty rider on all fronts 🦓

After few years as an engineer in production, I reoriented my career in web development, thanks to a 2-year professional training at the 42 school of Lyon. At the end of this training, I discovered Kinoba and seized the opportunity to join the tribe. I am a dynamic person and have a taste for well-written code.

My skills: fullstack developer , &

My totem: my horse, named , to always go further

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They have been here, they will come back?

portrait Annabelle Pellier

Annabelle Mighty warrior on all fronts 🐺

I am an engineer and have completed "Le Wagon" in Lyon in order to become a fullstack developer. I have created my own e-commerce platform to sell my calligraphies: JoliesDates. I have joined Kinoba's team in 2019. My hobbies: nice clear views, crackling fire and water white noise! Who said you had to be a geek to know to develop?

My abilities: fullstack developer ( and )

My totem: a flute to make the sound of the forest

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