Key steps

Project management

A project is bound to change over time. The can easily be managed with the Agile method: we split it into several smaller projects (or sprints) and develop little by little the final project.

With this method we are flexible. Something does not match what you imagined? No problem we change it in the next sprints until it does.

A team is dedicated to your project but rest assured, you will have a single point of contact with the lead developer! She or he is a developer so knows about your project and its challenges. She or he will organize the meetings and reviews and the demos!

Our tools

Trello makes it possible to organize developments by listing all your product's functionalities based on the specifications. We set together the next priorities at the beginning of each sprint. You will be able to follow in real time our developments thanks to this board. At the end of each sprint you may test the cards thanks to the staging website.

In order to be always reachable we use Slack for all our clients. This tool lets you quickly ask us questions.

We host your code into what is called a repository thanks to Github. This paltform will make it possible for you to track all the changes made in any of the files.