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Kinoba is a web development agency based in Lyon and Paris, made up of passionate web experts. We can help you with your web apps and reinforce your technical team. We are here to meet all your digital needs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up, an SME or a large corporation, your web project is unique, and we're committed to becoming your trusted partner to help you succeed.

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Tailored web development

Do you have an idea for a custom web project but no in-house developer team?

Kinoba is a digital agency made up of people who are passionate about web technologies and innovation. We become your technical partner and support you, over the long term, through every phase of your product's lifecycle.

Whether it's a marketplace, a e-commerce, a website, a web application or a custom web platform, our web developers, project managers and UX & UI designers will be with you for the long haul, so you can focus on what matters: growing up your business.

Custom development in details
Discover one of our tailor-made web applications with Phoenix Contact France

Discover one of our tailor-made web applications with Phoenix Contact France

Aerial view of the Phoenix Contact France offices

Team reinforcement

Are you facing a growth in your business and you already have your own in-house team?

We can build a dedicated team for your project, consisting of a lead web developer and several web developers, who will join forces with your existing staff to help you accelerate your business: grow your strike force in just a few hours, with ease.

Thanks to our unique methodology improved since 2017, we have acquired experience and expertise in reinforcing IT teams. This enables us to adapt to any circumstances: your constraints, tools and processes hold no secrets for us!

Team reinforcement in details
Discover one of our technical team reinforcement with Dualsun

Discover one of our technical team reinforcement with Dualsun

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Services tailored to your web project

Web development

To build a product of the highest quality: strong technical expertise to keep your web platform at the cutting edge of technology.

UX & UI Design

To stand out: graphic wireframes and mock-ups, that respect user behavior, and a sexy, unique identity.

Web project management

To stay on track: a single point of contact and a dedicated technical team for the duration of your project, with a tried and tested methodology.

Infrastructure & servers maintenance

To anticipate the unexpected: ongoing maintenance and bug monitoring, while taking charge of your web hosting.

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JavaScript library created by Facebook in 2013.
JavaScript open source framework used to create user interfaces since 2014.
Free, open source JavaScript framework developed by Google since 2010.
JavaScript open source framework to build modern web applications since 2016.
JavaScript extension with additional typing syntax.
Synthactically Awesome Stylesheets (CSS add-on), that says it all! Used with techs like Bulma, Tailwind, Bootstrap.


MVC open source framework written in Ruby.
JavaScript runtime engine for building server-side applications.
French open source framework written for PHP.
High-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
Open source web framework written in PHP, developed entirely in object-oriented programming.


Open source continuous integration tool written in Java.
Open source system for automating deployment and management of containerized applications.
Open source errors tracking and reporting tool.
Open source tool that allows creating and using containers.
Service platform for deploying web applications in the cloud.
Code versioning management tool.
Continuous integration and delivery processes, based on automations.

A dedicated team and partners for your innovative project

Since 2017, the Kinoba team has been helping start-ups, SMEs and large corporations to create their innovative websites such as platforms, apps, marketplaces e-commerce, showcase websites, data visualization: specificity is our specialty.

With the Crédit Impôt Innovation accreditation from the french Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Economy, you can benefit from a 20% credit on web prototype design expenses incurred with us. To take things further, our partnerships ecosystem will give you advices on all other aspects of your business: digital marketing, communications, corporate strategy, digital consulting...

Discover the Kinoba team

The tribe is made of engineers, frontend web developers, backend web developers, fullstack developers, UX & UI designers, architects and project managers.

We have a strong expertise in web technologies, use a flexible method, mobilize our creativity and listen carefully to your needs. (Our customers are the ones who say so!)

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